Consultations types:

Please note: Nutritional therapy is not a replacment for medical advice. We will always recommend that you consult with your GP for a serious health condition.

1- Face to Face (0ne to one).

2- Home visit.

3- Diet and lifestyle overview.

3- Telephone/Skype  consultation.

4- Corporate wellbing programme (Workshops, on site consultation, canteen review).

5- Packages.

5- Kitchen check (1 hour).


What to expect from your consultation?


1-    After you book your consultation:

I will send you a form to complete on your medical history and a four days food dairy that you need to complete. These forms need to be sent to me three days before the consultation. This will enable me to build a picture about your health history and consider how I can help you.

2-    First consultation (One to one consultation)

It will last for 1 hour in which we will discuss your goals and health concerns and agree to a personalized programme that fits with your lifestyle, budget and dietary preferences.


Your plan will include the following: 

  • A personalized nutrition programme.
  • Handout on your specific health issues.
  • A supplement programme (if necessary).


3-    Follow up consultation which will last for 1 hour and it is 4-6 weeks following the first consultation. Further consultation may be required depending on your progress.

4-    Follow up consultation by telephone and mail are available if necessary.

5-    Follow up by mail is also avaible to support you to be persisentat to follow your nutritional and lifestyle changes. (Daily – weekly follow up).